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Course:- Phyton Training

Enrolled Students:- 15+

Duration:- 2months

Level:- Basic to Advance

About The Course

A high-level, all-purpose programming language is Python. Code readability is prioritised in its design philosophy, which makes heavy use of indentation.

Python uses garbage collection and has dynamic typing. It supports a variety of programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming as well as structured programming (especially this). Due to its extensive standard library, it is frequently referred to as a “batteries included” language.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Python Language
  2. Download & Install Python
  3. Python Language Syntax
  4. Python Keywords and Identifiers
  5. Python Comments
  6. Python Variables
  7. Python Data Types
  8. Python Operators
  9. Python Control Flow – Decision Making10. Python Control Flow – Looping
  10. Python Control Flow – Branching
  11. Python Numbers
  12. Python Strings
  13. Python Lists
  14. Python Tuples
  15. Python Sets
  16. Python Dictionaries
  17. Python Arrays
  18. Python user-defined Functions
  19. Python Built-in Functions
  20. Python – Modules
  21. Python User Input
  22. Python File Handling
  23. Python Exceptions Handling
  24. Regular Expressions
  25. Python Classes and Objects
  26. Python Methods
  27. Python Constructors
  28. Python Inheritance
  29. Python Polymorphism
  30. Python Abstraction
  31. Python Encapsulation
  32. Database Access
  33. Python Multithreading
  34. Python GUI Programming


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