Azure Data Factory Training Institute

Azure Data Factory

Course:- Azure Data Factory

Students per Batch:- 15

Duration:- 30

Level:- Basic to Advance

About The Course

Utilize Azure Data Factory, a fully managed serverless data integration tool, to integrate all of your data. Utilize more than 90 included, maintenance-free connectors to visually integrate data sources without paying extra. Create ETL and ELT processes quickly and easily without writing any code in an intuitive environment. In order to gain business insights, submit integrated data to Azure Synapse Analytics.

Course Contents

  • what is Cloud computing

  • what are services offering Microsoft azure

  • Advantages of cloud computing

  • Types of cloud deployments

  • Types of cloud Services

  • Microsoft Azure vs. AWS

  • How to Create Azure Account

  • Understand Azure Management Portal

  • Azure Architecture & Services

  • How to Create Resources and Resource Groups in Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment

  • How to create Virtual Machine

  • Create a Storage Account

  • Blob, File, Queues, Tables, Security in Storage Account, Access keys, Share Access Signatures

  • Create Containers and Blobs

  • Install & Explore Azure Storage Explorer

  • Create SAS tokens and understand the benefits of SAS tokens

  • Copy Files from on pre Blob, File, Queues, Tables, Security in Storage Account, Access keys, Share Access Signatures

  • Create File Shares and sync the files

  • Create Tables using Storage Explorer

  • What is Azure SQL

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance,  SQL in Virtual Machine

  • How to Create Database in Azure SQL Server

  • What is Elastic Pool in Azure SQL Data base

  • How to Query Azure SQL Server from On-premises SSMS and Cloud

  • What is Polybase in Azure SQL

  • What is an External table

  • How to Load Data from On-premises to Cloud SQL using data factory

  • Migration of Existing Data from on premises to SQL Azure

  • Azure Data Factory vs SSIS

  • Linked Services, Data Sets, Pipelines

  • Parameters vs Variables

  • Copy Data, Monitor Manage,

  • Different kinds of integration runtimes

  • How to create pipelines from template

  • How to configure different Integration Runtimes

  • Azure Integration runtime,

  • Azure Self  Hosted Integration Runtime,

  • SSIS Integration runtime.

  • Move & transform, Copy Data, Append Variable, Execute Pipeline, Execute SSIS Package

  • Get Metadata, Lookup, Stored procedure, Set Variable, Delete, Wait, Until,

  • Iteration & Conditionals, Filter, For Each, If Condition, Until

  • Incremental Loading in Azure Data factory using Blob Storage to SQL Implementing Slowly changing Dimension Data Flow

  • Source, Lookup, Derived Column, Alter Row, Conditional Split, Sink

  • What are ARM Templates using for Deployment

  • How to Deploy Data Factory Pipelines DEV, Test, Prod environment

  • Version Control and Code Repository in Git Hub

  • Debugging and Monitoring Pipelines

  • Error handling and Logging error records

  • Lift and Shift SSIS packages in to Azure Data Factory.

  • Blob Storage vs Data Lake

  • What is Data Lake & Date Lake Gen1 Vs Gen2

  • How to store Data into data lake

  • How to Query data from Data Lake to SQL Server.

  • Introduction to Azure Data Lake U-SQL Batch Job

  • How to Schedule Data Lake Analytics Jobs using Data Factory

  • Azure Blob to Data Lake Gen 2 using Data Factory

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