Medical coding Training Institute

Medical Coding Training

Course:- Medical Coding training

Enrolled Students:- 15

Duration:- 2 months

Level:- Basic to Advance

About The Course

Medical coding is the process of utilising particular number codes to describe medical diagnoses, treatments, and other operations. The different parameters involved in medical treatments are made simple to recognise by this process. Medical coding is a crucial method for obtaining and keeping track of medical records.

Course Contents

Module 1: The World of Health Care

Module 2: Medical Terminology

Module 3: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Module 4 Medical Ethics

Module 5: Diagnostic Coding

Module 6: ICD-10 CM Diagnosis Coding

Module 7: ICD-10-CM Coding from Infections to Blood Diseases

Module 8: ICD-10-CM Coding from Mental Disorders to the Respiratory System

Module 9: ICD-10-CM Coding from the Digestive System to Pregnancy

Module 10: ICD-10-CM Coding from the Skin to Conditions of the Perinatal Period

Module 11: ICD-10-CM Coding from Symptoms to Complications

Module 12: Z Codes, S Codes, and ICD-10-CM Coding Practicum

Module 13: CPT Coding

Module 14: CPT Coding from the integumentary system

Module 15: CPT Coding from the Reproductive Systems to the Operating Microscope

Module 16: CPT Coding for Radiology, Pathology, Medicine, and Anesthesia

Module 17: CPT Coding Evaluation and Management Services

Module 18: Comprehensive CPT Evaluation and Management

Module 19: Comprehensive Surgery Coding

Module 20: Musculoskeletal Coding.

Module 21: Digestive System Coding.

Module 22: Urology and Reproductive system coding.

Module 23: Pulmonology and Cardiovascular coding.

Module 24: CPT Coding for Radiology, Pathology

Module 25: Anesthesia Coding

Module 26: HCPCS Coding

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

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