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Pega Training

Enrolled Students:- 15+

Duration:- 50

Level:- Basic to Advance

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About The Course

Pega Systems Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based Software Company. It is known for developing softwarefor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business process Management (BPM).

Pega is the training course which provides the learning and better understanding of Pega software tool which is used of management of the business. you are taught to build the system from the scratch like any other conventional programming. It has now become more popular due to its easy installation as well as learning it.

This course gives you a good understanding of Pega PRPC concept and extensive hand on experience in Pega which help to implementation of real world Pega BPM Solutions and web applications.

Course Contents

Creation if Framework Application

Creation of Implementation Application

Diff b/w FW and Impl Application

How create operator

Introduction of Operators and Access groups

Create the Multiple operators

Operator Profile

Application and Access groups

Types of  classess and OOTB clasess

Creation of Abstract and Concrete classess

Inheritance Types in PEGA

What is Direct Inheritance & Pattern Inheritance

Concept of Dual Inheritance

Introduction to Class Structures

Designing Case Lifecycle in App studio

Addining Stages and Process(Flows)

Adding Steps and Configure Steps

Parallel processing

How to perform processes in parallel

Alternate Paths

Optional actions

Adding optional actions to a case

Skipping processes and stages

How to skip a process or stage in a workflow

How to Trace case is Duplicate

Apply the basic and Whighted condition

Routing work to users

How to route assignments

Introduction to Worklist & Work Baskets

How to configure custom routing

Case approval configuration

How to configure a single level approval

How to configure cascading approvals with Report structure and Authority of Matrix

Creating workgroup & workbasket

Configuring cascading approval with an authority matrix

Introduction to Smart Shapes

Process Flow Rule

Flow Action Rule

Introduction to Section.

Layouts & Controls in Section

Creating Work Object & Tracking WO

Where am I

Introduction to adding fields to a case type

Data elements in Pega applications

Page Mode & Value Mode properties

How to manage properties

How to reference a property

Defining properties

User views

Configuring user views

How to build a section rule

How to build a section for reuse

Creating dynamic layouts in a section

Using different types of layouts and controls

Advance Level UI Implementation Like Cascading, Adding Buttons and Links…etc

Introduction to flow action pre- and post-processing

Pre- and post-processing in flow actions

Configuring pre- and post-processing for flow actions

Introduction to customizing a user portal

User portals


Customizing a user portal

Changing the logo image in a user portal

Introduction to data in memory

Data storage in memory


Types of Pages in Clipboard


How to view clipboard data

How to use and set property values with the Clipboard


Using Activity to define Business logic

Configuring Activity

How to Call One Activity from Another Activity

Various methods in Activity

Understanding the Difference between Call, Branch &


What is the best Practice in Activity

How to use Data Transform and Report definition without Activity

Calling Activity in DTs… vice cersa

Manipulating case data

Introduction to setting property values automatically

Data transforms

How to set values with data transforms

How to set default property values

Data transforms and superclassing

Different Actions in Data Transform

Why Data Transform best to Compare to Activity

Introduction to Data Pages

How to configure a Data Page

Source data to Data Elements with Data Pages

Load Management

Savable Data pages

Decision Table

Decision Tree

Map value

How to call Decision rules in Activity and Data Transform

How call Decision Rules in Flows

Declare Expression

Forward and Backward Chaining

How to call Decision rules in Declare expression

Delare onchange

Declare Trigger

Declare Index

Declare Index.

Introduction to optimizing report data

Data storage in Pega applications

Property optimization

Optimizing properties for reporting

Reporting: Creating business reports

Introduction to creating business reports

The role of reports

Business and process reports

The Report Browser

How to create a report

How to organize report results

Creating a report

Organizing report results

What is Ruleset

Rule Set and Versioning

How to create a new rule-set version

How to lock a rule set version

About Check-in, Check-out & Private edit

Introduction to validating user data

Methods of data validation

Validate rule

Edit validate rule

Configure validate rule and edit validate rule

Validating a flow action using validate rule

Email Integration

Inbound and Outbound mail configuration

Unit testing the rule

Delegate the rule Line business Managers

Application Debugging Tools



Reviewing Log files

Live UI

Analyzing application performance

Application Security

Managing Access control

Adding roles to an access control model

Managing access to individual rules

Managing user access with access groups

Attribute base Access control

Rule Base Access control


Continuous Integration

DevOps Technology

Deployment Manager

Creating Skin rule and Mixins

Introduction to styling an application

Styling an application with skins

How to customize an application appearance with skins

Controlling application appearance with a skin

Introduction to configuring parallel processing

Parallel processing in Pega applications

Configuring parallel processing

Case locking

Configuring case locking

Application Versioning

Introduction to creating a new application version

Application versioning

Creating a new application version

Application Rulesets

Introduction to configuring application rulesets


Ruleset validation

The ruleset Stack

Managing Application Development

Introduction to managing application development

Parallel development

Developing in parallel by branching rulesets

Merging changes from a branched ruleset

Introduction to supporting multiple languages in application


Designing an application for localization

Localizing an application


Introduction to circumstancing rules

Situational processing

Circumstance rules

Circumstancing a rule

Multiple variable rule circumstancing

Introduction to configuring field values

Field values

Configuring field values

Introduction to rule resolution

Rule resolution

How the rule resolution process works

How the rules cache is populated

Influencing rule resolution through rule availability

Migrating an application

Introduction to migrating an application

Describe bout product rule

Exporting an application using the application packaging wizard

Importing an application

Introduction to integration (SOAP and REST) in Pega applications


Web Services

Introduction to exposing an application with a service

Creating a SOAP service using the Service Wizard

Configuring a Connector to consume the service

Simulating Integration Data

Integration simulation

Simulating an integration

Simulating connector data

Background processing

Activities and background processing

How to configure a queue processor

How to configure a job scheduler

Background process management

Creation of channels and Devlope the Mashup Code

Application Design the mobile Preview

Creation of sprints and User stories

Design the Daily basis work

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